Toolkit Media

Toolkit Media is a professional video production company with a strong emphasis placed on the needs of Distributors and Manufacturers in the JanSan industry. Through a variety of offerings, Toolkit Media aims to help you engage new customers and reach a wider audience than ever before with an online video presence.

Product Videos

Highlight new offerings, train staff and customers on existing products, and educate consumers with usage and maintenance videos.

Corporate Videos

Increase your brand presence with videos that highlight the different capabilities and services you offer your customers. Allow prospective customers a better glimpse of what your business stands for with a professional profile video of your company.

Event Videos

Planning a workshop, seminar or lunch-and-learn for your customers? Toolkit Media can maximize the event's impact by recording/filming the sessions, allowing your customers or staff to experience the events even after they have ended.

Training Videos

Train new employees or refresh current staff on your processes with custom and engaging training videos.

Want More Info?

Contact us at (330) 963-0000 or at to discuss what we can create for your company.