MobileRep Software

MobileRep Software is a suite of apps for the distributor sales rep.

Focus on the rep

Our focus is on providing tools that help sales reps increase sales, improve margins, resolve issues, and serve customers. MobileRep Software includes:

250+ Distributors

MobileRep Software is in use by over 250 distributors across the U.S. and Canada. Industries include Jan/San, Food Service, Industrial Packaging, Safety Supply, and others.

Superior user experience

We give this a lot of attention because we view User Experience as key to how much benefit a sales rep actually gets from using our app. Specifically, we design and develop MobileRep Software to be:

APPEALING: An app design that is clean, attractive, and professional.

SIMPLE: Both simple-to-learn and simple-to-use. We cannot overstate how important this is for a sales rep.

QUICK: Quick application response times and an work flow tuned to how a rep works.

TARGETED: A touch-based UI with separate, optimized interfaces for both tablets and phones.

Run on any device

MobileRep Software can be deployed to just about any Internet-connected PC, tablet, or phone. Flexible implementation can also include custom labels, fields, lists, and rules.

Tied to your accounting system

The data in MobileRep Software is tied to your accounting system. This means a rep has access to accurate and up-to-date information on inventory, pricing and order history.

Benefits for more than just the rep

While developing MobileRep Software, our approach has been: focus on the rep, focus on the rep, focus on the rep.

We thought: if we could provide a superior tool to sales reps that reps actually use, a tool that really does make a difference for the rep, the bottom-line benefits would follow.

We discovered: less calls to the office makes Customer Service happy, less ordering errors makes the Warehouse happy, more ordering of items that are available makes Purchasing happy, and less fighting with reps and stronger sales/profit results makes Management happy.

Our approach continues to be: focus on the rep.

Want More Info?

Contact us at (330) 963-0000 or at to request a demo and explore how this tool could benefit your company and your reps.